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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Book Review: BLACK EAGLE FORCE A Guest Post by Joseph Provost

GUEST BOOK REVIEW BY JOSEPH PROVOST: I was the lucky winner of an advanced reader copy of BLACK EAGLE FORCE by Buck Stienke and Ken Farmer. Kim Tomsic suggested this book and I'm thankful she did as I found it beyond exciting. I took the book with me on a 10-day volunteer trip to Haiti and I found that every chance I had to relax was spent reading the next chapter.

From the beginning of this military thriller to the end, the reader feels like they're on an adventure. Stienke and Farmer start with Santa Anna's campaign in 1860 and take you through to present day in a way that makes you feel like you're reliving history.

When I finished reading Black Eagle Force, I shared the book with my friend, Peter Hughes (retired military). I said, "Trust me. Just read ten pages and see if you like it." Peter couldn't put it down. He didn't want to give the book back as we flew home from Port au Prince, but fortunately he finished before we landed. He agreed Black Eagle Force is a great read and easily deserves a five out of five star rating. Thank you Buck and Ken. You brought back memories of my time based at Fort Hood.

For more information, visit www.blackeagleforce.com


CWO 2 (retired)

Joseph Provost

Quartermaster Core
(and for more about Haiti, visit http://www.thefriendsofhaitiinc.org/)

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