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Friday, October 1, 2010

Picture Book Discussion Panel Excerpt

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And now:

A few words from an SCBWI discussion panel featuring four esteemed speakers:
Arthur Levine (Arthur A. Levine books), Melinda Long (teacher and award winning best-selling author), Eve Bunting (esteemed author of more than 100 books for young readers), and Kadir Nelson (famous award winning illustrator)


QUESTION: What makes a great picture book?
Athur Levine: Distinction and originality.
Kadir Nelson: The book needs to speak to both a personal truth and a universal truth.
Eve Bunting: It must have heart and jolt of emotion. When you write ask yourself, “Is this worth
Melinda Long: It has to appeal to children and adults. Bring in humor or love, something so the adult
can say, “I remember when I felt that way.”

QUESTION: When do you know it’s time to write?
Eve Bunting: When something jolts me, I see if the feeling lasts.
Melinda Long: When I have something inside and I have to get it out on paper and I don’t feel good until
I do.

Extra words from Mr. Levine and Mr. Nelson:
Athur Levine: Remember that your words must be apparent in your text because author has no control over the illustrations. (This makes me think of advice from Linda Arms White. She says to forget adverbs and adjectives when writing picture books (maybe one per story is okay). She advises your verbs are your work horses, so pick wisely (no “to be” verbs).
Kadir Nelson: The book illustrator’s job is not to redundantly tell the same story as the author.

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