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Kim Tomsic

Monday, January 24, 2011


My family tells me I have the mind of a detective.  They prefer I keep my mouth shut in "who done it" type movies because I usually have the puzzle solved at an early point in the show.  But Sara J. Henry's novel, LEARNING TO SWIM, kept me guessing as much as  Keyser Söze did back in the 90's.

LEARNING TO SWIM is a riveting novel that will capture a reader's attention tout de suite.  The excitement begins on page one when protagonist Troy Chance jumps into the icy waters of Lake Champlain to rescue a child tossed off a passing ferry.  Tension remains high throughout the story as Troy tries to determine: who is the evil culprit, who she can and cannot trust, and how she can protect the life of a small child.  If you enjoy nail biting stress like in  Man of Fire and Taken, and if you enjoy thrilling writing similar to Tana French, Kate Atkinson, and Michael Robtham then you will love Sara J. Henry.  

LEARNING TO SWIM (Crown, release date Feb. 22, 2011), earns a four lollipop rating (4/5).  $24.00.  ISBN-10: 0307718387 .  Although this book is not classified as YA, I can imagine YA readers purchasing or swiping the novel from their parent's nightstand.

Available: Boulder Book Store,  Tattered Cover, Amazon  , Borders, Barnes and Noble, Some Book Nook in South Orange New Jersey, Indie Book Stores
WARNING:  "Learning to Swim" is one of those "difficult to put down" type of novels and should come with a warning label smacked across the cover that reads:  This book causes distracted behavior and could make you (1).  Miss your subway stop; (2). skip out on fun activities in Vegas (3) volunteer to be bumped on an airplane; (4).  hide from your family.


Sara J. Henry said...

Thanks much for the review! Sorry if I caused you to miss your subway stop, skip out some Vegas fun, get bumped from an airplane, or avoid your family!

Kim Tomsic said...

Hi Sara! Yes well it was worth the misses, skips, and bumps :-)

Unknown said...

This was a GREAT book. I, too, had a hard time putting it down. Loved the characters, the suspense, and "whodunit" factor. Especially liked that I didn't figure it out early on. I am already looking forward to future books written by Sara J. Henry. DEFINITELY WILL RECOMMEND!

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