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Monday, February 13, 2012

Have we forgotten Haiti?

Eight Days: A Story of Haiti "From National Book Award nominee Edwidge Danticat comes a timely, brilliantly crafted story of hope and imagination--a powerful tribute to Haiti and children around the world!

Hope comes alive in this heartfelt and deeply resonating story.
While Junior is trapped for 8 days beneath his collapsed house after an earthquake, he uses his imagination for comfort. Drawing on beautiful, everyday-life memories, Junior paints a sparkling picture of Haiti for each of those days--flying kites with his best friend or racing his sister around St. Marc's Square--helping him through the tragedy until he is finally rescued.
Love and hope dance across each page--granting us a way to talk about resilience as a family, a classroom, or a friend."
Reading this book made me wonder what has happened with the huge charity efforts that started in Haiti as a result of the earthquake. Come to find out, many projects were started that have never been completed. However I spoke to one organization in Henderson, Nevada—The Friends of Haiti Inc. and they have not forgotten about the people of Haiti. They say the reality that is unfolding is Haitians must work to rebuild their own country. The Friends of Haiti Inc. supports this effort as their motto is, “Give a man a fish, he has fish for a day; teach a man to fish, he has fish for life.” On February 15, 2012 members of this charity will journey to Haiti to provide desperately needed construction tools to the schools at the Viatorian Center in Port au Prince.  Local Henderson and Las Vegas businesses have generously supported this effort.  

Furthermore, in effort to support creating a self-sustaining nation, the charity will also use this trip as an opportunity to interview 15 applicants to receive medical school scholarships funded by the Friends of Haiti. Scholarships are for funds to attend The University of Notre Dame D’Haiti for the fall 2012 school year. These future doctors and nurses will pledge to remain in Haiti for at least five years after graduation. 

The Friends of Haiti Inc., a charitable organization organized in the state of Nevada, with an office at 2670 Chandler Avenue, Suite 8, Las Vegas, Nevada. Haiti has suffered many disasters and needs help. The Friends of Haiti Inc. believes that as Christians it is our duty and calling to help those in need as prescribed in Matthew 25.

Contact Information:  Joseph Provost 702 561 4119
                                    Reverend Susan Provost 702 523 8963

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