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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Book of the Week for Middle Grade Readers Counting Down to Christmas

As the days tick down to Christmas Eve and the house turns cozy with fluffy throw blankets and the scent of oatmeal cookies baking in the oven, it’s a great time to click off the TV and plop a book into the hands of young readers everywhere. So here’s a book that keeps the pages turning—especially for the 3rd through 6th grader:

TRACY TAM SANTA COMMAND by Krystalyn Drown turns everything you thought you knew about Christmas on its head—the reluctant reader will enjoy nail-bitter page turns, while the reluctant believer gets an exciting Chirstmas escapade.

Tracy Tam may believe in Santa, but she’s a reluctant believer in his magic. She’s certain everything has a scientific explanation—even Christmas, so on December 24th she sets out to gather evidence, samples and data to prove the science behind Christmas. If she’s successful, she’ll use the evidence to present at the state Science Fair competition and hopefully win the cash prize. And Tracy desperately wants that prize money, so she can give it to her aunt to pay for her cousin Pim’s expensive operation. Tracy will do anything to help Pim, including hiding in Santa sleigh and hitching a ride back to Santa’s workshop. But the workers at Santa Command will do anything to protect the secret of Christmas magic.  

And so here’s where everything —as promised—is turned on its head—but I won’t ruin the discovery of those secrets here. What I will tell you is the story is packed with fun surprises and zany flips that turn expectations into wonder. Young readers will have a fun adventure reading this story as they wait for their own visit from Santa. Tracy Tam keeps readers as well as everyone at Santa Command on their toes..

Available at and Indie Bookstore here: click here
Available from Amazon or Kindle here: click here
Available from my local bookstore Boulder Books: click here 
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·         Age Range: 9 and up 
·         Grade Level: 3 and up
·         Series: Tracy Tam
·         Paperback: 300 pages
·         Publisher: Month9Books, LLC (October 21, 2014)
·         Language: English
·         ISBN-10: 1939765803
·         ISBN-13: 978-1939765802

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