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Monday, January 5, 2015

Graphic Novel Reading List from the Association for Library Service to Children

Thanks to Mr. Schu's blog called WATCH, CONNECT, READ I found this list of the Association for Library Service to Children- A Graphic Novels Reading List. 

About Mr. Schu

He is a K-5 teacher-librarian who works diligently to put the right book in every child's hand. Book trailers are one way to connect readers with books.

Mr. Schu says:

The Association for Library Service to Children updated the Graphic Novels Reading List. It is a wonderful resource that highlights the best graphic novels for grades K through 8.  I hope you will share it with your colleagues and students. Maybe you'll even mention it on your library or classroom website. I shared the lists with parents during parent-teacher conferences. 

It is broken down into grade levels (click on links below): 

K - 2nd grade - Color
K - 2nd grade - Black and White
3rd - 5th grade - Black and White
6th - 8th grade - Color
6th - 8th grade - Black and White

By the way, here's a blast from the past listing some of my (Bookshelf Detective's) favorite graphic novels (I recomment for 12th grade reading or older):

Persepolis by Maryjane Satrapi  

Stitches by David Small 

Maus by Art Spiegelman

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