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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Confessions from a First Grade Class: What Kids Want to Read in 2016

This week in first grade, my nephew learned about author/poet Tomás Rivera and how much he loved books. The homework assignment that followed read: write at least three sentences telling what kind of books you like to read and why.

I love my brilliant nephew's clever answers:

  1. I like the action in Batman books.
  2. I am a ninja that is why I like ninja books (well, duh, of course he's a ninja. That's why he loves NINJA NINJA NEVER STOP by Todd Tuell)
  3. I like family books because I spend time with my family. (I love this answer, because YES! That's the power of a great book--it can bring families together. His family currently spends evening time together, listening to Mom read Harry Potter)
Look at the other great answers from students in his class:

I like to read nonfiction books because they teach about real life. They teach us about wild stuff. When I read nonfiction books I get really excited. (Okay, I love this kid, whoever he or she may be! Hooray for nonfiction and excitement. You should definitely pick up a Kate Messner book!) 

"I like to read books about Pokemon because it tells me how they evolve. I like learning."

"I like reading books about princesses. I love the dresses they wear."

"I like to read books by Dr. Deuss because they help me learn how to read. My favorite is Green Eggs and Ham." (yep, good old  Dr. Deuss) 

"I like to read princess books. All the girls are pretty! I like to read about horses. They are my favorite animal. I like to read about dogs. They are fun to play with."

"I like ballet books because they are pretty. I also like adventure books because they have a lot of action in them. I like Hello Kitty books because they are fun." (I want to hang out with this kid--who doesn't like a pretty ballet centered around action and adventure (maybe a ninja or two), and yeah, let's throw in a cat, because they are fun. I want to read that book, too!)

"I like Cat in the Hat books because they are goofy. My favorite is Fox in the Box." 

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