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Thursday, August 29, 2019

Max and the Mysterious Noise by Dr. Dianne Blomberg

In MAX AND THE MYSTERIOUS NOISE by Dr. DianneBlomberg, Max frets over the mysterious
“Clippity, Skippity, Hippity” sound traveling through his town, so he sets out to solve the dilemma of the puzzling noise. He says he has a few ideas about the strange sound. Instead of the adults hearing him out, Mr. Caramadgi (in true adult fashion) talks right over Max. Max tries again. He says he has a plan to figure out of where the noise is coming from and announces the princess can help them! Instead of exploring Max’s idea, the town adults call his proposal gibberish. But Max has grit, he won’t give up. Max climbs a light pole and yells for all to hear, declaring that the princess in town will know the solution. Rather than wait for validation and approval, Max trusts his instincts and marches to the castle to find the all-knowing princess—And here’s what I love—a kid with grit and a book with girl-power! 😊

The notion of a commanding princess who also represents diversity adds a nice boost to this perseverance story. Once Max reaches the imposing castle door, he knocks only to face another adult who blocks him. Read on as Max digs deep to overcome obstacles and tries to connect the “hippity” to the missing “hop.”

Furthermore, MAX AND THE MYSTERIOUS NOISE comes with a discussion guide, so readers can explore questions like “What words could’ve the adults used to include max in solving the mystery?” and “Do you have an example of a time when no one listened to you?”

*NOTE: 20% of all proceeds will be donated to Team Fox for Parkinson's Research

About the Author:

Dianne Lee Blomberg, Ph.D. is a freelance writer and public speaker. Her professional background includes teaching, communication consultant, and author. Published essays, short pieces, and non-fiction books can be located on her website. She has two children’s picture books, Sam and Gram and the First Day of School, (Magination Press) translated into Chinese and Korean and Max and the Mysterious Noise, (LuLu Press). She is the co-author of several books in the (Simon and Schuster/Pearson) series, The Psychology of Communication.
She belongs to SCBWI, Children’s Book Insider, The Colorado Author’s League, The Authors Guild, and the Denver Woman’s Press Club.
Her work has been cited in national publications, coast-to-coast, including The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Denver Post, Good Housekeeping, Newsday New York, and others.

Please visit her website, http://www.DianneBlomberg.com

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