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Kim Tomsic

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Critique with SCBWI Co-Founder Stephen Mooser - Kid Lit for Haiti #KidLitForHaiti

KID LIT FOR HAITI:  Stephen Mooser is donating a critique of the first fifteen pages of a middle grade novel
Are you rubbing your eyes and wondering if you’re reading this accurately?  YES! Stephen Mooser is offering a critique !!!
If you’ve ever attended an SCBWI conference, you will know that Stephen has a big heart for Haiti. He was there shortly after the 2011 earthquake. His son, Bryn spent three years in Haiti as head of a group called Artists for Peace and Justice ( associated with St. Damiens hospital in Port Au Prince)—in the end Bryn Mooser oversaw the building of three schools in Haiti, elementary, middle and high school—Bryn also started the first little league team in Haiti and built the first movie theater following the earthquake—Sun City Picture House. A movie about the theater won awards. Furthermore Baseball InThe Time of Cholera-a short film about the team and the cholera epidemic also won awards –check out both--Bryn Mooser and Artists For Peace and Justice
Stephen Mooser
Stephen Mooser grew up in Fresno, California and later attended UCLA where he received a BA in Motion Pictures and later a Masters in Journalism. Steve even got into politics and was President of the UCLA Senior Class in 1963.  After graduating he spent some time looking for treasure. Steve searched for pirate gold hidden an Island in the Gulf of Panama, and spent nearly a year searching the Utah desert for bars of silver stolen by the Outlaw Butch Cassidy and his partner, The Sundance Kid.
Needless to say, Steve didn’t find much treasure, but many of his personal adventures have found their way into his books. Steve Mooser’s first book for children, 101 Black Cats (Scholastic) revolved around a treasure as did Orphan Jeb at the Massacree (Knopf) and Shadows on the Graveyard Trail (Dell Yearling). Among series books Steve has written are The Treasure Hounds (Troll), The Creepy Creature Club (Dell)The All-Star Meatballs (Dell) and Goofball Malone, Ace Detective (Penguin). In all Steve has written over 60 books for children. In addition to adventure stories, he has written a number of nonfiction books about the Weird and Strange. Those include Into The Unknown: Nine Astounding Stories (Lippincott) and The Man Who Ate A Car and Tons of Other Weird True Stories (Dell).

In 1971, with Lin Oliver, Stephen Mooser co-founded the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. Today, the SCBWI has nearly 25,000 members around the world with chapters everywhere from Montana to Mongolia and Indiana to India. Find out more at www.scbwi.org
You might be interested to see Steve’s latest project, Class Clown Academy atwww.classclownacademy.com . The Class Clown Academy is a virtual school where you can watch funny films in the school theater, build and fly paper airplanes, have a food fight in the cafeteria, compose some whoopee cushion tunes in the music room, and shop for neat Class Clown Academy books and merchandise in the student store.

This auction: is for an up to fifteen-page critique of a picture book or middle grade novel with author and co-founder of the SCBWI Stephen Mooser (critique via email). 100% of the proceeds from this auction will support the students sponsored by the 501 c3 charity The Friends of Haiti Inc.If you are the winner, please format your pages in Times Roman, 12 pt. font, double spaced.

How do I bid?
Place your bid in the comment section by increasing the previous bid by increments of $10. Please include information about how I may contact you if you are the winning bidder; I can be reached for questions in the comment section here or at  ktomsic@gmail.com

When does this auction item from Stephen Mooser close?
**This Auction will close on December 12**

Official UPDATE: Auction items close on their respective date at 11:59 PM Mountain Standard Time (MST)

here's the math time for U.S. residents (you can simply Google the time comparison if you live somewhere else in the world) :
 Pacific Time is one hour behind mountain time; central time is one hour ahead of mountain time; eastern time is two hours ahead of mountain time so:

11:59 om MST = 10:59 pm Pacific Time or 12:59 am Central Standard Time or 1:59 am Eastern Time

What are other items on the Kid Lit for Hait (#KidLitForHaiti) Auction?

To Visit a full list of all the auction items featured on Kid Lit for Haiti: PLEASE CLICK HERE

What happens if I win?

I will contact the winning bidder (remember to provide your contact information!). You will make your donation at this donation link and then you will email a copy of your receipt to me at ktomsic@gmail.com and I will put you in touch with Stephen  


Unknown said...

I'll start the bidding at $20. ddclimb@aol.com

Vivian Kirkfield said...

Loved your adding humor to picture books presentation with Mira Reisberg. It was entertaining and educational.I'd love a critique from you, Steve. $30 viviankirkfield@gmail.com

Shari Schwarz said...

I'll bid $40 sharilschwarz@aol.com

Unknown said...

I bid $75. You can find me, Kim, at @JasonsWriting on Twitter. :-)

Unknown said...

I bid $85. I will email you, Kim, in case I am the lucky bidder.

Gina said...

$95! contact: gina dot carey at gmail

Unknown said...

$106 JasonsWriting

Gina said...

116 - contact: gina dot carey at gmail

Unknown said...

$130 @JasonsWriting

Gina said...

good show, jason :)

Unknown said...

Thanks, Gina. :-) Mr. Mooser's critique was the big one I wanted, so I apologize if I was a bit aggressive. I hope you still get one that you really like.

Kim Tomsic said...

Congratulations, Jason!! Winning bid at $130. I would have loved to have bid on a critique with Stephen Mooser, too, but I thought it would be unfair as the organizer.You are so lucky!! I'll email you after I host a schmooze today.
Gina, there are some amazing SCBWI leaders still to bid on, including my mentor, Lindsay Eland, and writing genius and multi-award-winner, Denise Vega.

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