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Kim Tomsic

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Critique from SIX Superstars! #KidLitForHaiti

Elaine, Penny, Will, Sally, Kim (sadly, Jerilyn is not in this photo)
KID LIT FOR HAITI:  This auction is for a critique of the first ten pages of your manuscript (PB, MG, or YA) from both of my critiquing groups. That means you will receive feedback from a total of six people!

This auction: is for a pass to my critiquing partners—feedback from me and five others. Each of us come armed with a super-power—creativity, voice, plot, structure, grammar—you’ll get it all! You will submit the first ten pages of your manuscript (or one picture book manuscript). You’ll submit via email in Times Roman, 12 point font, double spaced, one inch margins. After you submit you will receive your six critiques within a month— six critiques! Get the feedback you need to gain insight in your work and take your craft to the next level. 

Who are my fabulous critiquing partners?
Elaine Pease is the award-winning author of four books. Her website can be found at www.peasepodbooks.com One of my favorite titles by Elaine is Tallie's’sChristmas Lights Surpise, A HolidayWhodunit! It’s a picture book with a clever mystery to solve! Elaine spends weeks on the road making school visits—she really has her finger on the pulse of what’s going on in classrooms. Her award-winning historical fiction middle grade GHOST OVER BOULDER CREEK is currently a finalist in the Youth One Book, One Denver 2015 program (and if you're familar with GHOST OVER BOULDER CREEK and would like to vote for it click here ).

Will Limón  has been published by Harper Collins. He is the founder of Will Limón's Plot Chart as well as the workshop Will Limón's Making Scenes Come Alive. If your plot or scene has a hole, Will can certainly identify and point it; he’ll steer you in the right direction. Will’s writing has received recognition—not only is he published in the adult market, his YA work-in-progess received honorable mention (2nd place) in a regional SCBWI scholarship award.  (P.S.  In addition to Will’s ingenuity and understanding of scene construction, Will is my go-to guy for grammar advice!).

Sally Spear is probably the most creative person I know—I swear wizards speak to her! Sally is the master of the picture book, but when we bring YA and Middle Grade novels to the critiquing group, Sally provides incredible feedback and insight from a completely unique angle. She has the keen ability to spot voice drops and narrator intrusion. My manuscripts always launch in a better direction after critiques from Sally.   

Penny Berman is both a kid lit writer as well as a screenwriter. She studied screenwriting at UCLA and currently has a project receiving a lot of interest in Hollywood (where everything is currently hush-hush, but I can brag that BIG names are involved). Penny is also in the final draft of one of the coolest middle grade novels you’ll ever read.  If you want your manuscript to scream with voice Voice VOICE, then Penny is your go-to gal.

Jerilyn Patterson is another master of voice and also an expert at turning a scene. And that’s not just my opinion, Jerilyn won recognition by being the first place winner of The Vicki Ferguson Memorial Scholarship where she entered the first ten pages of her manuscript and won free tuition to a regional SCBWI conference. Jerilyn is so amazing at writing and critiquing because she spends a lot of time studying craft—one of her favorite books is called SCENE AND STRUCTURE by Jack Bickham. She will use her creative skills and wealth of knowledge to provide you with the best feedback possible.

And Me (Kim Tomsic) I’ll critique my butt-off for you!

How do I bid?
Place your bid in the comment section by increasing the previous bid. Please include information about how I may contact you if you are the winning bidder; I can be reached for questions in the comment section here or at  ktomsic@gmail.com .

When does this auction close?
**This Auction will close on December 16, 2014** Bidding closes at 11:59pm MST This auction item has closed. Thank you!!

Click here to find out

What happens if I win?

I will contact the winning bidder (remember to provide your contact information!). You will make your donation at this donation link and then you will email a copy of your receipt to ktomsic@gmail.com . Then we will begin the process !

How do I know when new auction items are posted to this blog:
You can receive emails when new auction items are listed. Simply enter your email address in the upper left corner of this blog where it says "Follow by email". You will only receive an email when a new post is created on this blog.


Elaine Pease said...

What a worthwhile cause for kidlit writers and pros to, again, show their generosity and learn from each other. Thanks Kim for bringing us together to help out with Kid Lit for Haiti. --Elaine Pease

Vivian Kirkfield said...

Wow, Kim...that sounds like an awesome item. Would love to get feedback from your crit group. $50 viviankirkfield@gmail.com

Shari A. Brady said...

Sounds like you have an awesome group. I'd love to get some feedback from them. $70. sharibrady1@yahoo.com

Poppy Wrote said...

90.00 PoppyWrote AT yahoo DOT com

Kim Tomsic said...

Thank you for your bids Vivian, Shari, and Poppy! We're in the final week of the auction! This item will close at 11:59pm on December 16th. Thank you so much for participating. Good luck!!

Beverley Baird said...

What an amazing group to get feedback from! I bid $100.

Elaine Kiely Kearns said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kimberly said...

Wow six critiques! I'll bid $101.
Kimberly Cowger
kimberlycowger at gmail dot com

Kim Tomsic said...

Hi, guys! Happy final-day-of-bidding! It seems I failed to include the instructions in this link as I have my other links, so here it is now--bid increases go up by increments of $10.00. Since I'm just now mentioning it here, we know Kimberly is currently the highest bidder, any increase would be $10 over the last bid.

Carla said...

I bid $110.

Carla said...

Sorry, make that $111.

Kim Tomsic said...

Congratulations, Carla! I received your email for contact, so I'm sending you details now.

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