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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Picture Book Critique with author/teacher/mentor Denise Vega #KidLitForHaiti

KID LIT FOR HAITI: Denise is giving a picture book manuscript critique

Denise Vega

Denise Vega earned her undergraduate degree at UCLA and graduate degree at Harvard (I love bragging on behalf of Denise, since she never brags herself). She served as the RMC SCBWI Co-Regional Advisor for a decade where she not only organized our group of writers and illustrators (and avoided cheese at all costs), but she also taught many writing workshops.

I first purchased a Denise Vega book out of sheer love for Denise; now I purchase Denise Vega books out of sheer love for her writing! Her debut novel  CLICK HERE (To Find Out How I SurvivedSeventh Grade)  was a bestselling title in the Scholastic Book Club and won the Colorado book award for YA literature—but of course it did—she is a master of creating compelling characters—real and flawed people whom you want to follow—and she knows the art of creating the page turn.  

ATTENTION PICTURE BOOK PEOPLE: Denise teaches picture book writing workshops at LighthouseWriters Workshop. I had the privilege of attending one of Denise’s eight-week picture book workshops. At these classes, she coaches writers into making every single word and movement matter. She teaches the art of listening for the melody of language, how to allow room for the illustrations to carry meaning in the story, how to book end a tale, how to use the rule of threes, how to write so possibilities explode in a child’s mind, how to write character-driven stories (if that’s your intent), how to use meter and rhythm for those who want to rhyme, how to write the various types of picture books (a three-act picture book, a concept book, etc.) Can you say magic? Yep—Denise teaches all that and much much more! Denise also serves on the faculty for Big Sur in the Rockies Children’s Book Writers Workshop where she critiques and guides critique groups. My point—a critique from Denise Vega can help your story come to life!

Books by Denise Vega include: 
Grandmother,Have the Angels Come (Little Brown Books for Young Readers, 2009)
Build a Burrito A Counting Book in English and Spanish (Cartwheel Books, 2008)
Fact of Life#31 (Knopf Books for Young Readers, 2008)
Access Denied (Little Brown & Co.2010)
RockOn  (Little Brown & Co.2012) 
And coming soon:
If Your Monster Won’t Go to Bed (Knopf/Random House, Spring, 2017)
And…(we’ll let you know!)

Want to know more about Denise? Visit her FAQ link  click here  

Details on critique:  You’re bidding on a Picture Book Manuscript critique from Denise Vega up to 1000 words. Please format your manuscript in Times Roman, double spaced, one inch margins. This critique will happen via email.

How do I bid?
Place your bid in the comment section below this post by increasing the previous bid by a minimum of $10 increments. Please include information about how I may contact you if you are the winning bidder; you can ask me question at  ktomsic@gmail.com

When does this particular auction item close?
**This Auction will close on December 15**11:59 PM mountain time = 10:59 PM Pacific Time= 12:59am next day Central Time=1:59am next day Eastern Time This auction item is now closed. Thank you!

What are other items on the Kid Lit for Hait (#KidLitForHaiti) Auction?

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What happens if I win?
I will contact the winning bidder (as long as you remembered to provide your contact information!). You will make your donation at this donation link and then you will email a copy of your receipt to me at ktomsic@gmail.com Then I will put you in two in touch J

Want to know more about Denise? Visit her FAQ link  click here 


Unknown said...

Sounds great! I'll start the bidding at $20 ddclimb@aol.com

Vivian Kirkfield said...

Sorry we never met when I lived in Colorado, Denise! But I'd love to have a critique from you. :) $30 viviankirkfield@gmail.com

Beverley Baird said...

I'd love a critique -I bid $40

Vivian Kirkfield said...

$50 :)

Anonymous said...

I bid $75 and will email contact details

Beverley Baird said...

I bid $80.

Kim Tomsic said...

Hi, Beverley! I know I have so much information on the "how to bids" that it can be a bit much to read. Just a quick note to say increases are a minimum of $10, so as long as you want to bid $85, you qualify. Just let me know. Cheers! And thank you for your participation.

Unknown said...

I bid $100 crocodilegator.mf @gmail.com

Tyler Moorehead said...

I bid $110 -- tmoorehe@alumni.nd.edu

Kim Tomsic said...

Congratulations, Tyler!

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